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RFP for Lead Generation Services

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Closing Date - March 25th, 2022, 12 P.M. ET

Table of Content

Who We Are



Scope and deliverables

Key Dates

Evaluation and Scoring

RFP Terms and Conditions


Who We Are

The Consider Canada City Alliance (CCCA) has made considerable progress since the heads of the Economic Development Agencies from 7 of Canada’s largest cities first met in Calgary in 2007 to discuss common issues related to the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to their respective jurisdictions. The result was the formation of the C-7, an organization of the seven members committed to work together to remove barriers and improve their individual performance in the attraction of FDI. Today, the CCCA is a strong collective voice of Canada’s 14 largest regions.

CCCA is dedicated to building sustainable, smart, and competitive communities. Notably, the CCCA is dedicated to:

· Wealth creation in an ethical and sustainable ways;

· Growing cooperation and collaboration;

· Leadership in understanding FDI and trade trends and in developing techniques to identify, pursue and capture FDI opportunities, and;

· Transparency, diversity, tolerance, and equity.

Collectively, our members are building innovative economies of the future, establishing global networks and influencing national policies, and are thriving in a dynamic business world. The 14 CCCA members have a significant impact on the Canadian economy, accounting for 59.5% of Canada's population and 59.6% of Canada's GDP.


As an established network of Investment Promotion Agencies from coast to coast, the CCCA works with national and international networks of partners to make Canada the preferred location for foreign investment and trade. As part of its mandate, the CCCA contributes to the organization of activity or projects that affect all members, such as international FDI missions. As international travel is starting to resume, the CCCA anticipates resuming international missions in 2022. Until such time, virtual investment attraction missions are being considered for the first half of 2022. To support collaborative ‘Team Canada’ missions, the CCCA will run a Lead Generation Program. For 2022, the program will be dedicated to two (2) virtual investment “roadshows”: one targeting the USA market and one targeting the European market. Specific sectors will be targeted per market, allowing selective participation of the 14 CCCA members.


“Agreement” means the formal Agreement required to be entered into by the successful Proponent in responding to this request;

“Must” and “shall” indicate a requirement that must, in the view of CCCA, be substantially completed for a proposal not to be rejected;

“Proponent” means a legal entity proposing to provide these deliverables for CCCA;

“Target Sector(s)” shall mean the Financial and Business services, Hydrogen, Automotive, EV Batteries, Mining, EV Supply Chain, Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Entertainment & Media, Agribusiness, Cleantech, Life Sciences.

“Pre-Qualified Meeting” involves:

· Scheduled appointments with the most qualified prospects that align with CCCA’s mandate and targeted sectors as determined by CCCA;

· Company has sufficient size, both in capital and management capabilities to proceed with the investment;

· A budget has been assigned to the project, which indicates an expansion is possible;

· Company is growing, but does not have an existing presence in any of the 14 CCCA city-regions;

· Contact has been established with decision-makers from leading businesses that have expressed their intention to expand/relocate to Canada within the next 36 months;

· Minimum of 15 new jobs within a 3-year period of establishing in the selected city-region;

· Any scheduled meeting will be with a C‐level executive or Vice- President/Director of Corporate Strategy, or Corporate Real Estate

Scope & Deliverables

CCCA is seeking proposals for the provision of Lead Generation Services for 20-30 Pre-Qualified Investment Meetings throughout the United States and Europe.

The project is to maximize investment opportunities for the CCCA 14 city-regions by generating a list of prospects and arranging meetings with C-level decision makers from companies with a qualified investment opportunity. It is expected that the successful proponent will provide the following and deliver the following:

· Launch of the mandate;

· Generate the initial target list and make all calls to pre-qualify potential meeting candidates; qualified leads will be discussed and reviewed with CCCA and identified as opportunities to meet either as part of the virtual roadshow.

· Establish contacts with targeted companies and facilitate pre-qualified meetings with C-level executives.

· Schedule each meeting and make follow‐up calls to confirm each meeting prior to the activity;

· Provide a detailed company profile of each proposed pre-qualified lead and debrief the CCCA team on each opportunity;

· For any missions, the successful proponent will provide a detailed final meeting schedule to be delivered before each mission;

· Work with the CCCA team as well as in-market partners to establish the final logistics for the mission;

· Participate in weekly/bi-weekly update calls of the lead generation process;

· Provide CCCA with full list of target prospects and prospects generated in order to secure meetings;

· Provide the CCCA team with quarterly reports and a final report upon completion of the mandate;

· Participate in a review with CCCA at the approximate mid-way point of the mandate to review outcomes to-date and incorporate feedback from the CCCA team.

Proposal Document & Delivery

Proposals must be received by 12:00 P.M. ET on the closing date of March 25th 2022. Submissions must be delivered electronically in Adobe PDF format to:

Niloo Boroun Executive Director, Consider Canada City Alliance Email:


Sarah Drolet Associate, Consider Canada City Alliance Email:

Please note that proposals that are not received on time will not be considered. The total length of the proposal should not exceed ten (10) pages, minimum 11 point font, single sided and single spaced. Additional information can be submitted in appendices (may be unlimited but not unreasonable) to the core proposal, but will not be evaluated as part of the scoring.

Proposals must include the following:

· Demonstrated understanding of the project, its objectives, deliverables and timeframe;

· Demonstrated understanding of CCCA, its 14 city-regions and its priority sectors;

· The members of the proponent team, their relevant experience and their role in the project;

· A detailed work plan and description of intended tactics in order to achieve the deliverables within the required timeframe;

· A listing of similar projects undertaken by the team in the last three (3) years;

· Three (3) references that may be contacted; and,

· Total price, inclusive of taxes and expenses.

CCCA reserves the right to award a contract in whole, in part or not at all. The successful proponent will be provided with detailed information on the CCCA 14 city-regions in order to gain interest from the companies looking to invest in Canada.

Key Dates

March 10th 2022

​Release and distribution of RFP

​March 16th 2022

12:00 P.M. ET – Deadline to submit written questions

​March 21th 2022

​Responses to questions submitted

​March 25th 2022

​12:00 P.M. ET – Submission deadline for proposals

​March 28th 2022

​Finalist selected

​March 29th - 31st 2022

​Finalists interviewed (if necessary)

​April 4th 2022

​Proponent selected

​April 5th 2022

​Contract start date

Evaluation & Scoring

Each proposal will be evaluated by a selection committee against a pre-determined scoring matrix. The scoring will be as follows:

a. 35% quality of the proposal and approach to achieving all deliverables and understanding of assignment, including clearly communicating lead identification and qualification processes;

b. 35% experience and past results on similar projects, especially to clients in the investment attraction field, and qualifications of key team personnel;

c. 20% work plan process, and ability to meet timeframe; and

d. 10% price.

In the event of a tie score, the Proponent scoring highest in section (a) will be ranked first. As part of the evaluation process, the Selection Committee may make further requests for information from interested Proponents. The Selection Committee may use its discretion to contact one and/or more Proponent(s).


A Proponent who has received a high ranking may be invited for an interview with the Selection Committee, the results of which will be used by the Committee as a mechanism to revisit, revise and finalize the score as necessary.

The Selection Committee may interview any Proponent(s) without interviewing others; CCCA will be under no obligation to advise those not receiving an invitation until completion of the evaluation and selection process.


If negotiations between CCCA and a successful Proponent do not result in an Agreement within thirty (30) Days of receipt by the Proponent of notification of award, CCCA may at its sole discretion terminate such negotiations and either enter into negotiations with one or more other Proponents or terminate the RFP process. CCCA reserves the right to award a contract in whole or in part.

RFP Terms and Conditions

This RFP is not an offer to enter into a binding contract or a contract to carry out the project. Neither this RFP, nor the submission of a response, nor its receipt by CCCA, create any contractual rights or obligations whatsoever on CCCA or any invited firm.

CCCA has the unilateral and exclusive right, whether before or after the Submission Deadline, to accept or reject any or all submissions, elect not to proceed with the RFP, alter the timetable (including deadlines), alter the RFP process, requirements, project description, scope of work or any other aspect of this RFP, seek clarification or request further information or documentation from any or all responding proponents (regardless of whether that/those proponents should or could have included the information in its/their submission(s)) in each case without any liability for costs, expenses or damages incurred or suffered by any proponent. CCCA is under no obligation to reward this project.

Each proponent shall bear all costs and expenses incurred in respect of any aspect of its participation in this RFP process. CCCA will not be liable to pay any costs or expenses incurred by any proponent in connection with this RFP, or to reimburse or compensate any proponent in any manner whatsoever or under any circumstances, including, without limitation, the occurrence of any of the events specified herein.

CCCA shall not be liable for any information or advice, whether written or oral, provided or made available to any responding proponent or any errors or omissions that may be contained in the RFP or in such information or advice. Firms are to rely on their own independent analysis in preparing a submission. No representation, warranty or undertaking, expressed or implied, in fact or in law, is or will be made by, and no responsibility or liability is or will be accepted by CCCA.

Upon completion of the contract, CCCA will retain the option of extending this contract to further build, update, or expand on the scope.

A proponent who submits conditions, options, variations or contingent statements to the terms set out in the Form of Agreement, either as part of its Proposal or after receiving notice of selection, may be disqualified.

CCCA agrees to keep your submission and expression of interest confidential, and we ask and expect that any and all information provided to you through the RFP process from CCCA is kept confidential as well.

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